Kriegsgräberstätte - War Cemetery

Reimsbach - Impressum

Beckingen, Merzig-Wadern, Saarland, Germany

✅ The aim of this Project is to record and make available, photographs of as many war graves possible so that there is a pictorial record of yesterday’s sacrifice for tomorrow’s descendants. The journey in our recent past can actually start at any location, no matter where you are.
The "Thousand-Year Reich" has left its mark everywhere.
The graves of millions of soldiers of World War II are scattered in all parts of the world. Members for decades had virtually no opportunity to travel to the places where their fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, other relatives or friends had perished.

Today this will be my task

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ww2 A view towards a bronze statue of 3 soldiers situated inside the courtyard of the war cemetery in Reimsbach an der Saar during winter Communication 1940

The author of this website is living in Reimsbach just 500mtr away from this War Cemetery. If you have any questions or need any additional information regarding the War Cemetery in Reimsbach kindly contact me by mail or email as mentioned below..

The Author:
Siegfried Kräker,
Am Hahn 31,
66701 Beckingen-Reimsbach,


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